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How to integrate floor plans to your virtual tour?

Having a floor plan can be handy to see where you are in a building or property. We have gone to lengths to make sure that you can easily integrate floor plans into our tool.

All you have to do is,

  1. Log into PropVR Creation Tool and then select the project you want to integrate your floor plan.

  2. Now select the Floor plan tab on the top and select the Create button to dd you 2D floor plan image.

  3. After adding your 2D Floor plan image, you can name the floor plan e.g. First floor

  4. Then click on the image to add markers and link it to a destination in your scene. You can also delete markers if necessary. (The markers allow the user to jump from one destination to the next using the map.)

  5. Click Done and close the pop-up window.

Your interactive floor plan is now ready for your clients to use.

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