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Real Estate business growth in times of COVID-19

Rather than seeing this pandemic as a deal breaker, Real Estate Businesses are strategizing on how to make fundamental changes to their everyday processes that can allow them to operate remotely. During this time, we believe there are two fundamental questions that every good Real Estate Management thinks about :

How to provide Site Visits to Customers during The Lock-down?
How to sell houses remotely?

While there’s nothing like experiencing a space in person, Virtual Tours help in bridging the gap of visiting a site in person. In the era of physical distancing, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of this technology.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is simply a digital recreation of any physical space, which gives the user a feeling that they are actually there using a set of 360/3D Photo capture.

For a Physical space, these images or video can be taken using a DSLR camera equipped with a 360 Degree rig & Tripod. Once taken, these images & videos are then stitched together to give the sensation of walking through a space through an Online App, Browser or a VR headset. Nowadays there are 360 cameras that start from as low as USD 200 (Approx 15, 200 INR) and can 3D capture any space in a matter of seconds.

(Architects) For a 3D rendered space, rather than just showcasing stills from a render, you can upload your 360 Degree renders to a Virtual Tour editor which brings life to an interactive experience for the user in a matter of minutes.

Of course, not every Virtual Tour solution is the same. Below, we’ve outlined the solution of one of our startups who are redefining this space.

PropVR: The Most Comprehensive & Affordable Virtual Tour Solution in the Market

PropVR is India’s Premier Digital Customer Engagement company focused on helping the industry to build the future of property experiences. Their online tool provides an Interactive shareable experience that allows your customers to explore projects remotely. Whether you have a Model house or just a 2D floor plan, they can build a realistic walk-through experience for you within 24 hours.

PropVR is already the choice of top builders in India including Brigade, Casa Grande, L&T, who have used them to adopt immersive experience for their projects, increase engagement and convert leads faster, all at an affordable cost. The interactive experience can be built instantly without any coding knowledge and works with any device from mobile, tablets, touchscreens, and even VR headsets. Their product has also won several awards from industry leaders like CBRE and NASSCOM as a top innovation in the prop-tech space.

PropVR Web Experience - For a Residential Real Estate Customer

PropVR Sales Tool - Collaborative Tool which Sales teams use for hosting remote site visits

Benefits of PropVR over other tools:

  1. Affordable plans starting from as low as INR 99/month

  2. All tours can be customized to the finest details

  3. Powerful Sales Tool (For Enterprise customers) offers one of a kind Virtual Tour collaboration with clients anywhere around the world

  4. Network of over 2000 photographers across India providing 360 photo-shoot

  5. Strong knowledge base and experience on getting better ROI from Virtual Tours

  6. Based in India & we have 24 x 7 support :)

Sample Links:

PropVR Experience Demo Link (Using 360 Photography): Link

PropVR Experience Demo Link (Using the in-house 2D plan to 3D services): Link

PropVR Experience Demo link (For Exterior and Amenities experience using PropVR): Link

Webinar Link on How to get started with PropVR:

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