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What's new in the Global Travel Industry?

This article will talk about the how people and the tourism industry is adapting to the challenges of the COVID season - globally & locally.

Global travel experience

Because of COVID-19, people have been reluctant to travel to other places. The European Union has even banned certain countries into their borders as per their press release. This definitely safeguards people but also puts the livelihood of the Tourism Industry workers at risk.

Fret not because certain countries have adapted to the challenge and have provided Tourism experience while also opening their Tourism Borders Virtually. Virtually? What does that mean you may ask. Recently, Faroe Islands made Remote Tourism a viable option to provide an authentic Tourism Experience using it's country's workforce providing them employment as well as allowing Tourists to visit and interact with a new place as close as possible to visiting it in real time.

To understand more about this innovative but simple idea, click here.

You can also visit Angkor Wat digitally. This not only equips you with authentic information but also lets you visit the places you want around the globe a reality. This doesn't mean Travel will go way permanently. This just means that you have the tools to thrive in a digital ecosystem that the world is foraging into.

Forget about the Global Tourism Industry. You want to know how you could impact your local Tourist Industry?

Local Tourism & Digital Tours

India has been a land filled with multitude of culture and a lot of flavors. In a country like India, where there is a plethora of monuments, forts, palaces and nature parks to visit, PropVR wanted to offer an affordable solution to allow people and tourism providers to create digital tours quickly.

Here's how you can visit a heritage site in India using Virtual Tour - click here.

Apart from this Virtual Tours can also be scaled to day to day activities like Real Estate site visits and other residential visits. PropVR Sales Tool allows you to interact with your clients and also show them your perspective and also track where they are looking so you can guide them easily. This is as close as you can get to visiting sites digitally enabling you to adhere to Physical Distancing as well as make business.

If you would like to know more about PropVR Sales Tool or any of the other Virtual Tour products, feel free to visit

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