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IT Consulting

ARTELLEGENT's team of forward-thinking consultants deliver immediate results to their clients. We believe and excel in collaboration and problem solving and our work is always tailored to fit the needs of our clients budgetary and timely constraints with clearly defined and measurable benefits.


ARTELLEGENT's consulting specializes in the delivery of Lean Six Sigma / performance based consulting solutions in healthcare, financial services, information technology, government services and other transaction oriented verticals.


Some of the highlights of our capabilities are:


  • Proven capability to work with people at all levels of an organization

  • Dynamic facilitating

  • Executive level communication skills (oral and written)

  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills such as quality decision making, initiative, an insatiable drive for results, customer focus, integrity and the ability to deal with ambiguity

  • Strong customer orientation; the ability to influence and negotiate

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