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How to create a minisite?

There are trailers to a movie. Similarly, we believe that a minisite offers all the necessary info, pictures in a nutshell. Having a minisite can help assess the project in one look and decide if it fits their budget and needs.

Here's how you can create your Minisite in a few steps,

  1. Log into PropVR Creation Tool.

  2. Go to your Creation tool's home.

  3. Click on the "i" button to take you to the Minisite creator.

  4. Add the "Property details, Add Images and Add location" of your project, save and then close the pop-up box.

  5. Click on the "Go" button.

  6. Now click on the "Minisite" button to open your Minisite.

Note: Learn how to add a virtual tour to your Minisite by clicking here.

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