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Save money & time scouting locations for films using Virtual tours

Making films can be an expensive affair because of the various aspects like the number of people involved, access to location, power outlets for connecting the lights and filming equipment etc. This is why one of the most important processes in making a film is the pre-production process which involves scouting a location.

These aspects need to be kept in mind while scouting a location,

Logistics: Where will the film crew store their equipment? Can they carry it from the parking space and how does the terrain look like?

Surrounding noise: While scouting a location for filming, it is very important to make a note of any generator or equipment around the spot which could be obtrusive for filming. This is why audio is such a critical component of films.

Weather: The lighting is important for the cinematographer, gaffer as well as the director because how the natural light plays out in a location decides the mood or the tone of the film. So a location scout needs to be aware of the weather conditions.

Little details lost in translation: Most of the times hire location scouts to figure out the locations because they already know a lot of locations and can cater locations according to production cost and the script. As a location scout, here might still be something that you might have missed while giving the film-makers a video or photo.

How Virtual Reality (VR) can give your location scouting experience an upper edge

Sometimes it’s the little things like where the power sockets are, how crowded the location is, where the restroom is that can make or break a filming schedule. With a Virtual Reality (VR) Tour, you can not only show the directors and producers how a location will look but you can make them experience that location and navigate where they want to, whenever they want, how many ever times they want to.

Experience, don’t just see: VR tours can make your work visually stunning and set you apart from the crowd through its immersive experience. Photographers like Mr. Rod Edwards are using VR to make location experiences richer. Since most of the James Bond film “Spectre” was shot in London, Visit Britain had partnered with him to make a Virtual Reality tour of Britain. You can watch the VR experience by tapping here.

You can make Virtual Reality Tours too by trying our Tour Creator tool.

Collaboration made simple: VR also makes it easier to collaborate with multiple people across any platform and the microphone allows you to discuss and guide people across locations. You can try our Tour Presenter tool to collaborate and discuss with your film-making crew.

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