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How to boost your real estate sales?

When people set out to buy their dream homes, it’s not just bricks & stones that they buy but an accumulation of their choices like what colour they want their house to be, which furniture they want here and so on. Whether you’re a realtor, real estate agent or a real estate firm looking to improve your business, we believe PropVR can make you achieve your goals easier!

How Virtual Tours can increase your Return on Investments (ROI)

Imagine this: You're waiting for your client to come to this property you own in Bangalore and then to visit another one that they think they like in Mumbai and you both know that your clients will want to see many other properties before they decide on their dream home to buy.

What if you had teleportation powers in your hands to give interactive/guided tours to clients to see how each property is in a single day - in a matter of hours while you’re in the comfort of your property in Singapore. How powerful would it be to save time, money and get more clients?

PropVR has a powerful and simple to use cloud-based tool that enables you to build immersive 360° experiences of your properties in a matter of few minutes by dragging and dropping 360° photos of your property to PropVR.

The power of immersive experiences

After adding the 360° photos, you may add hotspots, textual info, video & pictures to the tour and make it an interactive experience tour very easily which lets your clients move around the properties at their own pace and explore a full 360° view of every single detail of the property before they decide to buy their dream property. This is possible with our Tour Creator tool.

You can sit at the comfort of your own home no matter where you are in the world and give guided tours of properties to your clients who live outside India, the client’s family who lives in Dubai. This is possible with our guided tour feature which lets you hear and talk to each other online. The experience becomes even more immersive when your clients put on a VR headset or even something as simple as Google Cardboard because it enables them to see and experience their home and recall it better than showing pictures.

Photo by Jesse Roberts on Unsplash

We also believe that this immersive experience will leave a lasting impact of experiencing their homes on their hearts. After all don’t we always say, “Home is where the heart is.”

How PropVR makes your life easier?

If you are worried about adapting to Virtual Reality (VR) because you think you need to know how to code, here’s how we can help you - you just need a camera like Ricoh Theta, our PropVR Enterprise Plan and an internet connection. That's all! No coding, just drag and drop.

  • Simple interface that works seamlessly for you, by you: You can take pictures using a 360° camera and simply drag and drop the 360° pictures to PropVR, add hotspots to enable navigation between rooms, add your company logo and contact details.

  • Publish across any platform: We live in an age where there are several devices and you want your clients to be able to use your service in any platform. However, with our tool, you can easily publish across all platforms in a single click. Yes, no need to rebuild again to deliver for another device. An easier life for you & amazing experience for your clients using any device be it iPhone, Android, PC, Tablet etc.

  • Share wherever you want: We believe that you should be able to use our tool however you want to. You can share the VR experience to your clients through a link and you can also choose to embed it on your website!

Act now and harness this technology to improve your business by reaching more clients and impressing them!

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