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How to increase your wedding decor sales?

Your life is made up of many events that are not under your control like your birth and death. However, there are some things in your life that you can control like who you choose to be wed and of course your wedding decor!

Weddings can be an expensive affair. There's catering to be done, destinations to be reviewed, jewellery to be bought etc. The wedding decors, however, have the ability to set a mood - a tone for the wedding. After all, wedding decor is what will be omnipresent in someone's wedding pictures and videos.

These are a few of the current challenges in the wedding decor industry

  • Lost in translation: People may look at a picture or video and have some expectation in their mind on how they want it to look like in a wedding. Their ideas are lost in translation because there is no visual medium that shows the scale and the intricacies of the design.

  • Budget constraints: If there's one thing that can make people recommend wedding decor services to others is how efficiently from planning to execution is done while maintaining a realistic budget.

Virtual tours can help you solve both of these problems and make you stand out and help your clients choose your wedding decor service because it employs 360° images to get a full view with complete freedom to move around.

  • Experiencing is believing: Virtual tours can help your clients move through venues looking at how each decor will look and how large/ small it will be.

  • Time-efficient: Virtual tours are time efficient for both you and the client because it enables them to see your product wherever they are, whenever they want, how many ever times they want.

  • Personal touch: If you feel that it won't have the personal touch of you being there, explaining about your product to the client, you can choose to include videos and other links inside the tour where you can explain more. What's even better is you can use your inbuilt microphone, an internet connection and Prop VR Tour presenter tool to guide your clients through the tour and decor while talking to them and clarifying anything they might want to know.

Build immersive Virtual Tours by dragging and dropping 360-degree images to create a unique experience for your clients.

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