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How to save time on your industrial visits?

We live in a world where our attention spans have decreased and our needs have increased. You can show a tour of your industry to people using video or photos but there is one problem though. Videos or photos show only a particular perspective and it does not offer complete freedom to the viewer.

  • With videos, it can be challenging to add descriptions and purchase links for your industrial products.

  • It lacks engagement because there is no interaction involved.

The world of Virtual Tours can cater to people with a varied attention span - people can choose to move through your industry quickly or slowly through any route they want, how many ever times they want. The primary reason this will work for you and your clients is the fact that virtual tours actually involve the users in the process by enabling them to click on sites of their interest.

  • Let's say one of your clients wants to see how the industrial machine you have in your factory fits in their warehouse. With Augmented Reality (AR), it is possible to place the actual scale 3D model of the machinery in their warehouse using a phone camera and see how much space it needs in real-time.

  • You can also choose to add purchase links in your tours to your products.

  • Since Virtual tours use 360° photographs, it can show a whole scene and offers freedom of choice in viewing perspective for your audience.

We want to help you save time and improve efficiency - so you can do what you do best.

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