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How to make your campus tours (actually) easy to use?

Let's imagine that it is the first day of your college. You are nervous and you need to get to the administrative block in about 6 minutes. The clock is ticking... you have a campus map and you look at it - it doesn't seem to help you because you don't know where you are and you don't think you can ask people around you because everyone seems to know where they're headed towards and you are lost. The clock is ticking away...

This is the problem with current campus maps. If a student or their parents come to their kid's colleges for the first time they don't know how to get to a place and don't know whom to ask.

What if your students, their parents and visitors to your campus knew where they are, where to go and what is around in an easy way? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

We all know how traditional campus tours work. College staff take you through college showing you around but you seem to forget it easily. What if you had linked a virtual tour on your website? We think that virtual tours can help students and parents relate and feel at peace on their first day of college. Since these tours can always stay on your website, it can be accessed whenever and wherever the student or parent is in doubt needs to seek information about something. These tours can also include videos to explain about places or facilities in the college, purchase links on things like mattresses and other dorm room accessories, know more links to guide them further, etc.

Better campus tours for better universities and colleges; stand apart from the rest.

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