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How to brand your event venues better for impact?

Let's say you're organising an event and there are several venues and events happening at different times in each venue. One of the main problems while organising events of a large scale is that people find it difficult to locate where the event venue is. Conventionally, people use websites filled with images and text to inform the user. This can sometimes lead to information overload.

When you want to inform your event attendees about an event they're usually looking for a simple, easy to use and most importantly easy to understand interface - that tells them what the event is, when and where it is happening, how does the venue look etc.

This is where virtual tours can come in handy not only for your event attendees but also for briefing people like videographers, sound and light technicians so that they can capture the event in a productive manner.

What sets the interactive virtual tour apart from others is that you can link videos of speakers and facilitators speaking about their session. This can be accessed by clicking at the information tags.

Whether your event venue caters to Professional Business Summits or entertainment events, Virtual Tours have got you covered.

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