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How to make your sports facility the most wanted?

Sports tourism can be used to showcase the facilities of your sporting venues, the services it offers and how many people can be seated at a particular venue etc. However, if your medium for showcasing your facilities is only traditional videos or photos, you're cutting yourself short on how you can cater to a wider, more diverse audience.

Using 360° camera to showcase a virtual tour that allows the user to move around the facility with ease and freedom enables you to,

  • Cater to multiple clients while giving them an in-depth tour of the nook and corner of your facility.

  • You can add info tags to inform the client more about a particular place or property using video, know more links etc.

  • Let's say you offer Tennis court memberships to people. You can add a membership link using info tags that enable the member to purchase memberships to access that facility.

  • Sometimes you may want to bring equipment, custom furniture or decor pieces for your event. For these instances, you can use Augmented reality to see how these pieces will look and fit at that particular venue.

  • It can help you take a step closer to a sustainable future because virtual tours can cut down travel costs while improving user experience.

If you're looking to take your Sporting Facility to the next level and provide a professional and immersive experience to your clients, Virtual Tours are the way to go!

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