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Interior Design

Create Interactive 3D Virtual Tours in Minutes


Go Digital. Go Immersive

The World is Changing. With the impact of COVID-19, it has become quite evident that going digital-first is not future, but present. The need to create interactive, engaging experiences online is more important than before.

Our Products

3D Virtual Tours

With Artellegent, you can create engaging virtual tours at very affordable prices. Whether it is virtual tours for real estate, retail, 3d interior presentations, or factory tourism, you can create and deploy on any device within days instead of weeks.

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Showcase Tool

Showcase your tours to your clients using inbuit voice and video chat. Open floorplans, brochures, and even link your booking engine. PropVR Showcase allows you to convert your online visitors into hot leads and convert them faster.


3D Tours from 2D Plan

Convert your 2D house floor plan to an interactive 3D virtual tour in few days instead of weeks. Our 3D builder allows you to create better visualizations for your home plans. Just upload the floor plan and give few inputs, and get your interactive tour.


Why Choose Artellegent VR?

Gain Insights

With powerful integrated analytics, now you can understand customer insights and create better ROI.

Collaborate with Clients

Our Presentation tool allows to share space together giving a collaborative sales experience.

Use Any Device

Now deliver experience to any digital device from tablets to mobile to VR headsets using PropVR.

Immersive Technology

Use immersive technologies like AR and VR to showcase your projects in a more personalised way.

Stunning Experience

Showcase your projects in the most engaging and exciting way that also increases your digital engagement

Built Using Artellegent VR

Real Estate

Showcase your residential and commercial projects to clients in an engaging way.

Guest Bedroom

Showcase your hotels and restaurants digitally to anyone anywhere

Watch Store
Retail & Shopping

Create future of shopping experience or showcase your planning phase using PropVR.


Showcase Automotive variants to your clients digitally anywhere without confusion.

Oriental Statue
Culture & Heritage

Create Virtual Tourism and bring excitement among people to visit the site.


Immersive training can increase retention by 60%, use in industry and HR training.

3D Interactive Virtual Tours in Minutes.

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