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IT Consulting

With growing pressure for sustainable growth, many organizations are devoting more time and effort to recruiting and retaining effective human capital.  These organizations however, don't always have the time, capacity, or reach to find the right candidate when an immediate need arises.  At Artellegent, our dedicated team of procurement specialists work closely with our clients to find the best candidate for their big or small projects.  Not only do we have vast pool of talented IT candidates within Artellegent, but we also collaborate with a range of well-connected top tier vendors in the global IT recruiting landscape. This ensures that we have access to a large spectrum of talent regardless of the industry.  Furthermore, the best practices employed at Artellegent ensure our clients well-suited alignment of talent to their IT needs; thereby readily making us the partner of choice in timely IT recruitments.



Talent Delivery Process


At Artellegent, we provide our clients the strongest candidates that will go above and beyond expectations on every project.  Each candidate is put through an intensive vetting process before we provide you the top talent.



















Types of Consultants - We Offer


Whether our clients need an IT specialist for a 6-month engagement, or are looking for something more permanent, Artellegent can offer the right candidate based their specific requirements. We offer:


1) Temporary Consultants

2) Temporary to Hire

3) Direct Hire

4) Artellegent- in-house Solutions


Our dedicated procurement specialists will search our pool of exceptional talent to find the best suited candidate(s) for your project. 

An initial phone interview will be conducted with the selected candidate to verify their skill sets and experience.

The Artellegent Account Manager that is dedicated to your organization will then conduct a 1-on-1 interview with the candidate.


Artellegent Account Manager will obtain references and provide you a full assessment of the candidate.


We will send our top talent over to you for a final interview.

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